Wyoming Pure Natural Beef

Wyoming Pure, LLC, is a small business, owned and operated by the Goertz family of Wheatland, Wyoming. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture by selling beef directly to people like you. Our ranch has been raising certified organic wheat and other small grains for nearly 15 years, and certified organic cattle for close to 10 years, along with our high-quality natural beef.

The ranch is certified organic through a U.S.D.A. certifying agency.

We operate our ranch in an eco-friendly way to promote biodiversity and a healthy environment. We use rotational grazing and work to enhance wildlife habitat by setting aside acres on our land for wildlife use. Buying our natural beef helps protect the environment, enhance natural resources and promote sustainable agricultural methods. Purchasing beef from Wyoming Pure, LLC, helps make sustainable ranching a viable enterprise which allows smaller, more eco-friendly ranches to remain on the land.